3.1: What is policy and how does it change?

Essential reading

IDS Knowledge, Technology and Society team (2006) Understanding policy processes: A review of IDS research on the environment (pdf), IDS, Brighton (OA)

Questions to guide reading
  1. In what ways do the authors argue that politics and values cannot be separated from processes of policy making?
  2. How does this perspective differ from traditional, linear accounts of policy making?
  3. What are the implications of this for the role of “expert” and “lay” knowledge in policy-making processes?
  4. What key concepts do the authors argue can inform a political reading of policy processes?
  5. How are these concepts operationalized in the applied examples provided in the report?

Lecture: Understanding Policy Processes

In this lecture, Ian Scoones explores different ideas and what policy means and how it changes - and introduces some ways to analyse policy-making on sustainability.

Additional reading

Leach, M., Scoones, I. and Stirling A., (2010) Dynamic Sustainabilities, Chapter 6: An alternative politics for sustainability, Routledge/Earthscan

Keeley, J. and Scoones, I. (2003) Understanding Environmental Policy Processes: Cases from Africa, Chapter 2, Earthscan, London

Millstone, E. (2009) Science, risk and governance: Radical rhetorics and the realities of reform in food safety governance, Research Policy, 38(4): 624-636

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