Research & Activism: A guide

Approaches, channels and platforms

For many years, scholars and activists have found innovative ways to work together. Now, as digital technology becomes widespread around the globe, an increasing number of online spaces are used by scholars, activists and others to communicate. Social media, blogging and the participatory digital tools used in open science are transforming people’s ability to access and create knowledge together.

These digital spaces, however, have not replaced face to face communication. Public spaces including dialogues, workshops or teach-ins remain important in allowing research and social movements to inform each other.

This section outlines some of these platforms and reflects on the changing ways they are used.

The resources in this section were compiled by Kennedy Liti Mbeva, a participant in the 2016 STEPS Centre Summer School.

Read Kennedy’s report

This report builds on the discussion at the Summer School and offers reflections and ideas on the subject.

Scholar activism: approaches, channels and platforms (PDF)


A list of links to networks and further reading.

Top 10 Open Source Tools for eActivism
A list of tools, hosted the Designing for Civil Society website.

Scholar-Activist Project Awards
A series of annual awards run by the Antipode Foundation.

Social media

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Blog articles

Barlow, A. (2015). Scholar Activism as Practice, Academe blog

Grollman, E. (2014). Toward A self-Defined Activist-Academic Career in Sociology, Conditionally Accepted

 Kweder, M. (2014). Why I’m not waiting for tenure to change the world, Conditionally Accepted

Peters, R. (2015). Are Scholar-Activists Welcome in the Academy? Feminist Studies in Religion blog

Open Science

McKiernan, E. (2013) Activism or Science? A Debate on Open Access (E. McKiernan’s blog)

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Digital Activist's Suicide Casts Spotlight on Growth of Open-Access Movement, Wendy M. Grossman, Scientific American, 23 January 2013

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Festival shows the promise and perils of open data, Kat Austen, New Scientist, 25 July 2014

Public Dialogues

Review of Research Councils UK Public Dialogues – Sciencewise

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The Sunflower Movement and the Emergence of a “New Mass” in Taiwan. By Wakabayashi Masahiro,, 31 July 2014  

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YouTube Science Shows

17 science shows on YouTube that will totally blow your mind, by Cynthia McKelvey, The Daily Dot, August 2015

New Journal Formats

The Green European Journal
“A space for discussion within the European Green movement.”

Interface: A journal for and about social movements

Key organisations / networks

International Network of Scholar Activists

Resistance Studies Network

National Film Network: The Making of a Scholar/Activist

Progressive Radio Network (‘Scholar activist’ tag).

Scholars Strategy Network

National Association of Scholars