• 6. Methods and methodologies

    Farmer presenting a map of land useNow you have explored the ideas behind the Pathways Approach, and seen some of its applications, this part of the courses introduces the methods and methodological approaches that you might use to put the Pathways Approach into practice in your own research and policy analysis.

    The Pathways Methods portal

    This module should be used alongside the STEPS Centre’s “Pathways Methods” portal.

    Here you will find a range of methods and case studies that show how STEPS researchers have operationalized the Pathways Approach through their applied empirical research and policy analysis.

    Visit the Pathways Methods Portal

    Learning outcomes

    At the end of this part, a successful participant should be able to:

    1. Define the key methodological considerations for using the Pathways Approach in applied research and policy analysis.
    2. Give examples of methods that have been successfully used in practice for Pathways-based research and policy analysis.
    3. Independently select and adapt existing methods in order to conduct Pathways-based research and policy analysis.

    This part is split into two sections: