• Part 4: Technology, Innovation and Sustainability

    Solar engineerWith the emergence of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other, related agendas (e.g. Sustainable Energy for All), it is increasingly clear how much emphasis (and, indeed, faith) is being put on the role of technology and innovation in delivering sustainability.

    This part of the course provides some critical perspectives and conceptual tools for navigating and analysing these emerging agendas, from the global to the local scale.

    Learning outcomes

    At the end of this part, a successful participant should be able to:

    1. Name the “3Ds” of the STEPS approach to innovation and sustainability.
    2. Articulate why the 3Ds are integral to a Pathways Approach to sustainable innovation and development.
    3. Define what is meant by “grassroots innovation”.
    4. Articulate how grassroots innovation might contribute towards pathways towards sustainability that are of benefit to poor and marginalised women and men.

    This part is split into two sections: